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We are a team of individuals who want to make your life better without you having to stress about the mundane chores of laundering clothes.

Xpress Laundromat is your One Stop Laundering Solution. So, with our help you can Kiss away all the Troubles of Laundering, and Handling your clothes. Just Sign Up, and be Good to Go!

Services for you

Redefining and redesigning laundering.

Why waste a weekend over Clothes when we can easily take care of it all?

Let us clean your Mess. With our Quick and Affordable Service,right from your doorstep, take your days out, and do something better.

One stop solution to all your laundry hassles with service right at your doorstep. Give a Regular High Quality wash to All your clothes to keep them fresh, a Spa like pampering by choosing our Premium Wash or Bespoke Finish by Dry and what not!!!! So let’s laundry then, sire ;)


Throw all of Your Weekly/Monthly Load of Dirty Clothes to us, and Let us do the rest. The rates are the cheapest with this option. Unit to Measure: Kilograms (KG)


If you wish to get a few clothes cleaned, and Ironed by us, choose this service. You can also choose to get your clothes only Ironed. A fixed amount per cloth will apply.


For your special Outfits, and Premium Clothes, which you would want to be take extra care of. Simply, fill in the details below, and you will be Good to Go.


For the Best Dry Cleaning Services, at the Best Rates, Pick this one right now. Our Pilot will soon Pick your Parcel, and you will have the Dry Cleaned Clothes, at the Quickest.

Why us?

Specially Designed for Students, our Plans offer the Best Saving Options, for your Money. For your Time. Along with the Best Quality, you can ever get


Optimized Machinery - Consume Less, Deliver More!
Quality Detergents - No Contamination!


We have kept the Interface, simple, in order to promote Ease of Access. Just do it, in a Few Clicks. Simple, right?


Usually we Deliver back within 24 Hours
In Case of Emergencies, cut it short to 6 Hours


Our Detergent Mix makes every cloth, as good as New

We pay Personal Attention to every Cloth, which reaches us.

Your Time, Your Ease:

Busy Tonight, Tomorrow, and Even after that? No problem, Just Pick a Time, according to your convenience. We’ll be there. Always.