XPRESS LAUNDROMAT, the newest & cleanest Laundry in India. It is a concept where any stained/soiled laundry can be washed and 100% dried in a clean hygienic environment in 60-120 mins.

Started by the students themselves, the service is specially optimized for Colleges, in terms of Prices, wash quality, service time and convenience. Not just for the formal or handful clothes, but with prices this affordable, you can actually outsource all the laundry needs to us .

It is the most affordable and convenient way of getting your laundry done along with a premium quality service, leveraging mobile based technology.
What makes us unique is that we provide our customers with the services they desire and deserve. The process of laundry is done in best class setups with Imported Equipment and best eco friendly detergents.

Since the prices are cheap, students can use it regularly not as a cool restaurant where they go once in a while but like a Tiffin Center where they eat daily. Weekends are meant to have fun or some constructive activities, not for accumulated clothes that need washing. It eradicates a lot of hassle from washing to drying to folding to ironing with a convenience of pick up & drop.

Xpress Laundromat not only takes the laundry hassle but also contributes in environment protection by saving water & electricity. Laundromat consumes less water & electricity as compared to domestic machines generally used.
We have professionals who would wash, dry, iron and fold your laundry with utmost care and pride. We have quick, clean, hygienic & most economical laundry facility. The process that we follow is: The usage of Clean Water, Best Detergents, and Cloth Softeners to wash your Clothes. We start from the Cuff and Collar wash, prior to loading into washing machine. Then, these clothes, go through a Steam Ironing Process, on Vacuum Ironing Boards. As a Customer, you can include all types of clothes like regular shirts, pants, t-shirts, salwar, kameez, tops, jeans etc. and also clothes like undergarments, socks, towels, bed sheets, curtains and quilts.

We are currently functional in IIT Indore, National Law University, Cuttack and IIT Delhi, IIT Indore , Sri Sri University & Galgotias University. Try Xpress Laundromat by scheduling the pickup and get your laundry and dry-clean within a Few Clicks.