1. Feedback Clothes need to be counted & checked at the time of delivery in front of the Laundry Pilot and any discrepancy be notified within 1 day via feedback form or via email. No complaint will be entertained post that.
  2. Delivery It is our motto to deliver clothes on time, but due to unforeseeable circumstances there might be a delay in delivery.
  3. Spotting and Stain Removal : Only Fresh Stain can be removed in premium wash treatment. No spotting will be done in Bulk wash and Individual wash .
  4. Permanent & Old stains are not covered under Xpress Laundromat service agreement. So, if the stains are not removed, XL will not be held responsible.
  5. Color Bleeding We take special care in handling all types of cloths. But, due to the basic property of some clothes, they will bleed colors. In such cases, company will not be liable for any loss.
  6. Cloth Damage In case of damage to a cloth, the company will try to rectify the damage. In case of failure in doing that, maximum claim will be 5 times the amount of total bill amount upto the max claim per cloth mentioned at http://xpresslaundromat.in/terms
  7. Complaint response time : The company will need minimum 10 days after the day of complaint to give an update on the issues raised.
  8. Damaged Clothes It is a strict policy of the company to not process damaged, torn, or stained clothes. It will be done only on special request and with a written approval, Either by mail or SMS, from the customer.
  9. Lost & Found The company is not responsible if the customer forgets something in the clothes and it gets damaged and/or misplaced.XL will try to the best of its abilities to return any item(if found) to the rightful owner.
  10. Expensive clothes i.e above Rs.1500/- need to be given only for Premium wash or Dry cleaning. XL is not responsible for damage of such high value clothes in Bulk and Individual wash.
  11. Maximum Bulk wash : 10 kgs of clothes in a single order.
  12. Maximum Individual wash : 15 clothes in a single order .
  13. Payment : Any payment should be made against a Digital or Physical receipt .
  14. Tax: All applicable taxes whenever applicable will be changed extra as per the law .
  15. Customer Care :In case of any feedback or grievances , Please call us on +91 8448362772 or write to us at info@xpresslaundromat.in

General Terms & Conditions

We created Xpress Laundromat to make your life easier. Our goal is to apply loving care to your clothes.

  1. Prices for our products are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the Service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time. We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.
  2. In spite of the simple professional control carried out at the time of the reception of the articles, we cannot be held responsible for the damage due to non identifiable properties or not detectable defects such as: insufficient resistance of fabrics or the seams, bad reaction of the colors or the impressions, presence of a pen in the lining, former defects, deterioration of the buttons, loops, zippers, shoulder pads, ornaments, etc., or if the label of maintenance is incorrect.These issues primarily happen with cloth ageing and not a result of our laundry practices.A responsibility for contracting or modification of the colors remaining in the usual tolerances is excluded
  3. Clothes will be handed over to security or friend or neighbor in case of customer not being available only when a written confirmation is provided from the customer in the form of a mail or text message.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
  5. Clothes mentioned at the time of pickup are not final , as they are subjected to counting mistakes . The exact count will be provided after the clothes reach our facility .Customer will receive an SMS for the same.Customer is not entitled for any compensation in these cases.
  6. We put all efforts to respect the agreed pickup & delivery period & timeliness. Delays do not however give any right to compensation.
  7. If a garment is new and being washed for the first time there is a risk that some shrinkage may occur or that color may run. We will not accept responsibility for shrinkage to any garment during the drying process or damage due to bleeding of color of any garment during the wash cycle.
  8. The company is untied to any responsibility excluded in the event of serious negligence. Our responsibility to the article only holds true if the article to be treated supports the process of cleaning recommended on the label of maintenance. If the article does not support any wash care and maintenance instruction, the company shall use its expertise to provide appropriate service with exclusion to any responsibility.
  9. The company aims to provide the best quality of cleaning available as per its standard methods; however does not guarantee the removal of all stains on an article. Stain removal is a very complicated process and we do not guarantee stain removal in any case. Whenever possible, the company will notify the customer of stains and issues that cannot be resolved due to further possible damage to the fabric.
  10. If you feel that a garment is at risk of damage during the normal cleaning process, we will be very happy to Premium wash ie. hand wash it for you at your cost and dry the garment by air. Whilst this is the safest way for a delicate garment to be cleaned and we will of course take EVERY caution to ensure its safety.
  11. The clothes must be collected within a max period of 10 Days after their deposit. The company shall make attempt to contact the customer in such cases, however cannot be held liable for loss of article after a 15 days failure to collect back the article.
  12. Any complaint(s) must be registered without delay; and at the latest in the one business days after receiving the articles and on presentation of receipt. The right to entertain the complaint lies with the company in this case.
  13. The general terms and conditions of Xpress Laundromat are subject to the Indian Laws and Jurisdiction of Kolkata Courts only.
  14. We are not liable for any articles such as pen drive, keys, wallets, or other such items forgot in the clothes given. We will try our best to return them, however we do not guarantee them.
  15. In case of unsatisfactory wash quality XL may provide a complimentary re-wash in some cases. The final decision for the same rests with Xpress Laundromat management.
  16. In extremely rare instances a garment may be misplaced, lost or damaged in the cleaning process.In this unlikely scenario, if the mishap is our fault, the refund policy will be followed for making a claim .


  1. Unutilized balance in the Xpress Laundromat wallet will be refunded only at the time of student leaving the college and in no other case .
  2. Any refund claim must be reported within 1 day of the delivery via
    1. Email : Info@xpresslaundromat.in
    2. Customer care number : +91 8448362772
    3. Feedback Form : At XL Store or though Laundry Pilot
  3. An Email from the customer care department will be sent containing the complaint ID & stating the issue, within 2 working days.
  4. All claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Items are considered lost ten (10) days after the initial claim has been made
  6. Items are considered Permanently damaged ten (10) days after all attempts have been made to fix the small damages
  7. Any reimbursement for a laundry item deemed lost or Damaged by Xpress Laundromat, in accordance with the International Fabricare Fair Claims Guide, shall be limited to five (5) times the charge for treating that particular order , subjected to a maximum claim amount.


  1. User can cancel upto 5 Hrs before actual pick-up. No cancellation charges will be levied till then.
  2. Cancellation beyond 5 hours will levy a charge of 50%.
  3. No cancellations allowed once the pickup is completed, Full charges will apply.
  4. Xpress Laundromat will cancel any order that is not collected from the customer for more than 4 repeated pickup attempts. No amount will be refunded in such cases.


Any complaints or suggestions or feedback can be sent to
Phone : +91 8448362772